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Pet Doc has announced a new partnership with digital healthcare company, Flash Health. This new partnership is set to disrupt the pet health industry by providing a seamless and convenient experience for pet owners.

Flash Health is a leader in digital healthcare services. Medicine delivery, home lab services,  online consultations, and access to a wellness marketplace are some of its key service verticals. On the contrary, Pet Doc is a market leader in the pet health space and provides, Pet Boarding, Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Pet Training and online consultations with licensed veterinarians.

One of the instrumental factors to make this partnership a reality is, Business Network International (BNI). BNI is the world’s leading business referral organization supporting 300,000 Member businesses in over 75 countries worldwide and 26 chapters in Sri Lanka alone. The co-founders of Pet Doc and Flash Health are ‘Inspire’ chapter members, which focuses on building lasting and fulfilling business relationships to its members. 

The partnership between Flash Health and Pet Doc will offer a range of integrated services that will benefit both pets and their owners. One of the key partnered services will be prescription delivery/refills after an online consultation with the veterinarians. The user would simply choose the medicine delivery option on the Pet Doc  app to access the service. The delivery of the medication would be fulfilled by Flash Health. This seamless journey from the Pet Doc app will make it even more convenient for the owners to get medications for their furry friends.

In conclusion, this partnership offers pet owners convenience. By providing integrated services, pet owners will no longer need to go to multiple platforms for their pets’ healthcare needs. Instead, they will be able to access all the services they need through the Pet Doc app, Saving time and making it easier to manage their pets’ healthcare. The partnership is also expected to lead to more integrated services from the two companies in the future.